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It would be nice if you did a little post on the process you use to get your plants growing so well. I believe I have been at it longer but never got the results you have.
I'm completely missed this post @Uberhoust. I am very sorry about that. I will try to put something together.
Here's the current line up:




Hello. So nice to have a lot of tanks, isn't it. I have 11 and maintain another one for a local business. They actually pay me to keep up their tank. Such a deal! Anyway, I have a tank room in my basement which has access to a sink, counter space and whatever else is required to keep larger tanks. Have a water change system, can clean filters, trim plants and whatever else without potentially messing up the rest of the house. Do have a 55 gallon upstairs in the living room too. Can maintain all the tanks in just seven hours each week. Good to have system that works well too!

10 Tanks (Now 11)
Hello. This post is for BigJfish12. This was the only way I was able to get you a picture of the tank I set up and manage for a government office in my area. Could be a nice little business, if you didn't mind mixing business with pleasure. I see quite a few tanks in offices here. I'm retired, so I have time to do the tank. I actually get paid too!

10 Tanks (Now 11)


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