30 Gallon Tank Stock Suggestions

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Nov 28, 2006
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Well i currently have a 30 gallon tank going through a fishless cycle, so i wanted to start getting ideas about what fish to put in. ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME

one suggestion ive received so far from the lovely Miss.Wiggle is
2 convicts
6 tiger barbs
1 bristlenose pleco

Another question i had was what kind of decor should i get? i have heard from multiple sources that it is better to have the decor completely finished while cycling the tank.
Please all help is welcome as i am still very new to this and it is my new obsession.
personaly i like to add all decor whilst cycling, i would recomend a planted tank, live plants, (ebay is good for this, i picked up 25 live plants 2 moss balls and java fern for 11 pounds the other day) get a couple of pieces of unusal shaped bogwood. (i will try to post a pic of my bogwood for you later, not at my house at the moment for you to have a look at)

Get some nice pieces od slate / stones, then i would recomend a couple of schooling fish, such as black phantom tetra's 6ish is a good number, and with tall large leafed plants 6 banded barbs are really cool, they love tall plants to hide behind and weave there way through it all day, they are good in community tanks as they are non aggressive unlike the tiger barb.

a bn plec is a good idea as mrs wiggle says. obviously this should leave a little space for some fish that catch your eye.


I've been blown away by the personality of Cichlids. I'd always go for colour and shape. However, more of a community tank will give you a large variety of colour and shapes of fish. Tale special note of how big your tank has to be for some fish. Remember too that fish will grow only to their tank size (to some degree.... Common Pleco's will just keep growing and growing, thus the bn plec would be better)

My fave looking Cichlids:
-Blue Acara
-Bolivian and German Blue Rams
-Festivums and Severums

Fave Other fish:
-Clown Loaches (A must!)
-Red tailed black shark
-Boesemani Rainbowfish
-Weather/Dojo Loaches

If I were you, I'd just do a lot of researching on what's out there, along with a few trips to see what's available in stores near you. Oh, and don't always believe what the petstore says! ;)

ah! also, go for live plants... way better for your fish (cycling process) and they are a lot of fun to have growing in your tank!
I think a 30g is too small for a cichlid tank, but it's up to you i guess. I'd suggest 2 groups of schooling fish, whichever you like, about 8 each, then a nice centerpiece fish like a Pearl Gourami, and some cories and your set.
a little bit of a different suggestion...A african Shell Dweller tank...more hassle to set up (although that may help pass the time while cycling) but have good personalities and are small enough to have a few in a 30 gallon
Try setting it up as a community tank, Also the first suggestion, Convicts and tiger barbs!? the covicts will litterally destroy your tiger barbs DO NOT MIX!!! A nice tank setup for your 30 would be a school of say 15 neons and some other tetras such as black skirts or even black neons :p good luck :D

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