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my fat fish

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Sep 16, 2006
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woke up this morning and my mum told me that 1 of my mollies was acting strange lieing upsidedown at the bottom of the tank so i get up and had a quick look in my other tank and 2 of my fish have died go downstairs and the mollie looksin a bad way all his scals are sticking out and he seems to be scratching alot

i have done water test and that havent changed

gh- 12

tho i recently got given some new fish for each aquarium forxmas and that came from pets at home do ya think thay could be carrying anythink?
if scales are prodruding then that is "dropsy" which is a sign of organ failure and I believe in majority of cases it is fatal
Don't take that as gospel as Im no expert...and best bet is yes the new fish brought in a disease...what fish are in the tank?? Also it has been discovered Mollies are brackish and outside of it are more suceptable to disease
my 47 gal ther are
2 clown loach
2 ranbows
1 baby mollie
and a betta (thats what i was brought had 2 put him in ther other tank had tetras nd amll fin nippers but he seems okay with it all)
and are all those fish looking ill or just the molly? Also clown loaches grow very large and need a bigger tank along with a bigger group.. Gobies are brackish but can survive in fresh pretty much like mollies and a betta really should be in a tank by itself just informing you as the incompatibility may raise stress levels which may elevate to disease
thing is dont have a sapre thank for the betta but he gets along fine with everyone else not flared up once or shown any intrest in the other fish

by the timethe loach are big i will have a new tank for them
i have had the millies for ages now and this is the first one to get ill i was told by the fish store when i got him that ballloon mollies wil be fine in a freshwater tank :S same with gobys i took ther word because they have told me not to get otherfish before as they are brakkish
well Mollies and Gobbies Can be ok in freshwater but prefer Brackish but better than you having strictly brackish fish in there...I have to go to sleep now (11.43 pM in Australia) hopefully someone can help you further
Yes sounds like the new fish have bought something into the tank. I've had problems with fish from pets at home before, and now would not ever buy fish from them again!
We got a betta a few months ago, who seemed ok, but the following morning I noticed he had whitespot, I treated it and he seemed to recover, but then was looking poorly again and unfortunatly died. Luckily he was in a tank on his own, so no other fish got infected.
Keep on eye on your fish and see if you can spot any sign of disease, then hopefully you may be able to treat it!
ill fish have been removed now and i have treated for fungus/whitespot just incase as he was scratching alot he seems better now and is eating a little bit but im also think that maby his swim bladder as he cant seem to go down to the bottom of the tank he stays near the top when he normallysd like the bottom

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