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Dec 2, 2006
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i have got a 10g tank and would like to know what fish and howmany i can put into it. if anyome can help my out with it i would really like it tanx!!!!!!!!
How about guppies, platties, some tetras? Zebra danios arenice hardy fish. Have you cycled the tank yet? If you haven't I suggest you start with zebra danios. Whatever you do if you haven't cycled your tank don't put neon tetras in it they need mature tanks.
I would go with a couple of Dwarf Puffers and some Ottos. Definitely do some research though and see what suits you the best.
I would do a clown knife, red devil, oscar and a discus... :nod:

Kidding, I like the zebras. You can get some plants in there too! :good:
I have 3 red cherry shrimp, 2 painted glass fish, 2 corys in mine.

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