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Jan 3, 2007
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Hi All

Have jsut started cycling my tank so I thought it was perhaps about time to decide on some fish.

At the moment I am thinking of the following

6 Congo Tetra
5 Rainbow Fish
8-10 Neons
3 Clown Loach
4-5 Corydorus
And if the algae gets bad I will get some algae eating shrimp.

Can anyone see any major probs with this? And should I do it in a particular order?

Need to know the size of your tank before anyone can make suggestions. :)
God, and I thought it was only yesterday that I was having a bad day! :blush:
God, and I thought it was only yesterday that I was having a bad day! :blush:

Happens to us all! :p

Stocking wise this looks ok apart from the Clown Loaches. They need at least a 55g.

I would go for:

6 Congo Tetra
6 Rainbow Fish
8-10 Harlequins
4-6 Corys
Pair (M/F) of German Blue Rams
Hi Chris

Thanks for the feedback.

Just wondering...why choose harlequins over neon tetras? Do you just prefer them or is it to do with compatability?

I didn't know clown loach needed so much space, I had 3 in my last tank, a Rekord 96. Is it because they can be a bit boistrous (sp?)

Thanks again, keep it coming :)

Clown loach can be quite active and grow to about 12" so need a fair bit of space.
Neon tetras can be quite nippy and some people have problems with keeping them. Harlequins on the other hand are peaceful and make an excellent community fish.

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