worms in tank

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    why is there snails in my tank and i never bought any snails make sense. HELP ME PLEASE WHAT THE HECK. AND WORMS
  2. G

    Fat bellied Mollies make the world go round

    Hey guys! I have recently encountered a problem in my planted breeder tank. My mollie mama looks pregnant constantly even after giving birth and her fry ate coming out with swollen bellies. I caught a video of some sort of white worm in the tank as well. I know they have worms but I can't figure...
  3. A

    Help Betta fish is sick

    Hey guys came back from Vacation. My parents were feeding my beta was gone for a week I live in Arizona normally keep the house at like 78 with the AC but with us on vacation I bumped it up to 83 I don't know if this caused the fish to get distressed. I came home and this morning I discovered...