wild betta

  1. Alexandriel

    Help Identifying (Wild/Hybrid) Betta?

    Hello! I recently bought a new betta, and he was sold to me as an "Alien" betta. I am new to the whole wild/hybrid bettas, so I really don't know exactly what I bought... I tried to do some research online but I got some conflicting results, so I decided to ask you guys instead! :) Is this guy...
  2. D

    Betta sorority

    Morning Folks! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been flirting with the idea of turning my fluval flex 15 tank into a betta sorority. Currently I only have one betta smaragdina female in the planted black water tank. Here are my concerns, I’m not entirely sure what stocking rate would be suitable...
  3. T

    Wild type betta? Help!

    Hi guys! I recently visited my LPS and saw they had a tank labeled "female bettas", they all looked like the average female betta except one that was much larger and had a much more natural colour. Which of course I then had to purchase her! The LPS told me they had no idea what type she was...
  4. J

    Smaragdina Setup ?

    Hey fish people ! I was wondering if my new smaragina pair could be placed in my 29 without them being too stressed out ? Its very lighty planted and not that many places for hiding .
  5. B

    Wild Betta?

    I want to do a betta female tank. I have a thirty gallon tank and I am going to plant it make rock caves. What is the difference between splendens and wild bettas? Obviously the wild are well... Wild. but what is a splenden? Also what is a good way basically "glue" rocks together?