1. GameGirl91

    Replacement Lighting For Anubias White Lighting

    Hey Everyone,   I am looking for a replacement aquarium lighting, and I would be grateful if anyone can help me . My previous lighting was Anubias White Lighting 39watts, 549mm. The lamp was good but unfortunately it broke. I can't seem to find any information on Anubias Lighting, as all Google...
  2. AeonMapa

    Ebjd Internal Parasites

    Hi, I have a very small EBJD. He's only 1" and I know these fish are very delicate and easily knocked off by parasites. Now I noticed that sometimes he has stringy feces, in a translucent white color.  I know that this is a typical sign of parasites but I have my reasons think it might not be...
  3. FB333

    Okay.. What Is This..?

    Hi all,   I have been performing a fishless cycle on my 25l tank now for 5 days.   Here is the thread covering it, to date, with all water levels and details etc etc.    In a nutshell:   Added a 1/2 dose of tetra safestart then added 3ppm  of ammonia.   The following day the ammonia level was...
  4. B

    Help! What's This On Our Puffer And What Can We Do?

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help! Do you know what this may be on our Puffer and what may help him?   We love our puffer man so much and are perplexed as to his malady that has been developing over the past 10 days. It is a white area on his head. It is not raised, not cotton, but it...
  5. A

    Please Help! Sick Cory, Skin Peeling Off!

    Request Help Tank size: 25ltr pH: 7.5 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:20ppm kH:? gH:? tank temp: 26C (Im from Uk, this is celsius)     Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior):   The cory looks as tho her skin is peeling from her body, she just lies...
  6. A

    White Cottony Stuff

    I just purchased a female guppy two days ago from our LPS, I had noticed she was a little weird looking a few hours after releasing her into the tank. She's got his white cottony stuff almost looks like its eating her skin between her top fin and tail fin. I took a picture, not very good, but...
  7. Deepatlantis

    Help! Platy With White Haze On Eye?

    I was just looking at my fish and noticed my red platy has a white haze over her left eye. What could this be? I don't know whether to treat for fungus or white spot/parasite? Is it related to fin rot? I want to nip it in the early stages, but not sure what it is! It looks like there might be a...
  8. M

    Ich Death :(

    :,( Hypnos has succumbed to ich :( :( :( he developed little white spots on his tail fin about a week ago, then he started to lose his red colour :( I transferred him straight into my hospital tank, treated him with bettafix and salt and kept up my water changes in the hospital tank all week! He...
  9. Billiemay

    Strange White Algae, Worm Thing.. Helpp

    I have cycled my tank and all the levels were good I added 2 albino Corydoras yesterday and today I have these white things growing they look like the white fluffy things on dandelions and there also was what looked like a white worm sort of thing very tiny moving on my glass, my betta is due to...
  10. davidjp1982

    White Lips On Serpae Tetras

    Can anyone please help identify what is wrong with my Serpaes. I recently picked up a batch of 5 from my LFS. I noticed within a day that 3 of the 5 had what looks like white dead skin on their lips. They seem perfectly happy and show no sympotms other than thir white lips. Water paramaters are...
  11. bloxplayer992

    Help! My Fish Have Ich!

    my fish have white spots! so far my neon tetras keep dying from it and one of my otocinclus appears to have a white spot on it's head.im extremely panicked since ive added that green super ich cure. i really dont know much about my water quality since this is my first tank and i need to know...
  12. D

    Snow White Platy

    Hi, New to this forum but I had a question. I have had this platy for a while, she is solid white and is now pregnant by a calico Mickey Mouse platy (don't know if that's the name, just what it looks like to me). But I was wondering how rare she is? I've never seen a solid white one and when I...
  13. LaurenRhiain

    White Khuli Loach?

    Hi all! Recently I noticed that sometimes my Khuli Loach has a very pale colouring to it but then goes completely back to normal. Any ideas on what this could be? It's eating fine and showing no other signs of sickness but it just seems a little odd :/
  14. fishychick77

    White And Orange Lobster Cross Breed Journal :d

    sooo this is day one for cross breeding my white and orange lobsters :D they might be a bit small but they will be lovers soon i was told that i could cross breed the colours so we will see how the babies turn out :) sooo excited