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  1. J

    White Spots on Bettas head

    Hey everyone, I was away for the weekend and when I came home I noticed these white spots on my Bettas head. It doesn’t look like the Ich I’ve encountered in the past, but I could be wrong. Can someone tell me what it is / what could treat it? Thank you!
  2. B

    Zebra Danio has white spots

    Hello I am new to the fish world. I have 3 glow fish and 1 zebra danio. I had a fourth bht it got caught in the filter. We just noticed today that our zebra danio has white spots. Upon my research it seems it is a bacterial Infection. I believe that side the eye is red too. The other danio glow...
  3. Bettta

    Sick Betta, White Spots- Fin rot???

    Hello! I have a double tail betta fish who has developed light spots on his fins, and his fins look very torn up. When I first noticed the fins starting to look jagged, I took all the silk plants out, and replaced them with live ones. There’s nothing sharp in the tank. The spots have been on his...
  4. O

    Balloon molly blurry white spots - Help

    Hi all, few of my balloon mollies are showing white spots on fins, and one of them is breathing heavily and mostly sitting at the bottom of the tank. so far i did 70% water change, started treatment with waterlife protozin for ich and raised water temperature to 26 C. i have this tank running...
  5. J

    Strange white patches on otocinclus.

    Anyone know what might be wrong with my oto? I thought maybe columnaris but it doesn't appear to be fuzzy at all. Any help would be very much appreciated. He is still swimming normal, though not as much. Mostly just sits in one spot for a while. He is still eating, but appetite is not as big as...
  6. C

    Sick Rasbora

    Hi, Yesterday I noticed some white spots on my rasbora fish. I am not sure what is this or how to treat it. Do you know what this can be? Thanks, Yenny
  7. A

    Black Goldfish Having White Spots

    Hi, Let me introduce my tank first. I got a 38 gallon tank and inside I got 1 Oranda, 2 Fantail, 1 Black Goldfish (don't know the breed. Forgot to check when I bought) and 10 neon Tetras.   Since last Sunday, I noticed that my Black Goldfish had 2 white spots on his side. As of Friday, it became...
  8. S

    White Spots On Clown Loach

    This white spot started two days ago, mostly on the back fin. It doesn't really look like Ick to me, it's just white dots. I am sorry for the quality of the photos, but my fish don't like to pose for cameras. I am worried and really want a second opinion to what is going on because I start...
  9. A

    Platy Has White Spots!?

    My platy has white spots on his tail, and smaller ones on his body. What is it, and what can I do?? I heard it could be Ich/Ick (sp?) and needs to be treated. The other 2 fish dont seem to be affected by it. I also think maybe the platy is stressed? When he is near one of the more aggrssive...
  10. nikkifro8994

    Betta Has Ich?

    I got a new male betta a week ago. I moved him from a temporary 1.5 gallon tank to a 5 gallon last Tuesday. I noticed a few days ago that he was sitting at the top not moving. It didn’t look like he was breathing either. Then he started swimming rapidly around the tank. He was also...