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  1. Tacocat

    What is this orange stuff?

    I was looking at the tank when I saw this behind the driftwood. I picked it up and asked my brother what it was- he said it was bloodworm, but I'm doubtful. Is this some sort of mold or mold growing on food?
  2. L

    What species is this Cory?

    So I grabbed the last 3 of them from the LFS. And they were obviously not albinos though labeled as such the worker at the time sold them to me as albinos since he did not know what they were. This was a couple of years ago and 2 have died I want to get him a group but have not seen any like him...
  3. M

    What's this on my Corydora?

    Hi all, This is our first post here. I purchased some corydoras about 7 months ago and within a couple of days, one of the corys started developing these lumps. At first they looked like fungal infections. They were fuzzy/fluffy looking. They grew quickly and then stopped. The lump on her side...
  4. S

    Panda cory with white spike growing on his nose?

    I noticed this yesterday. White spike looking thing growing on one panda nose. Looks like a baby unicorn horn!!! I cannot find any info anywhere. He's acting fine swimming and eating... 15 gal tank. 3 panda and one dwarf frog. Parameters all good. Zero ammonia and zero nitrites. 10 nitrates. Ph...
  5. vanny

    Id Please

    can someone ID this for me not sure what it is!