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  1. M

    Hello! I'm A Noob When It Comes To Aquariums...

     I have no idea what I'm doing. I got a free 30 gallon tank from some weird lady off of craigslist. It has 2 cracks on one side of it that I plain to seal up with silicone despite the fact that it does not leak. (i've tested it in my bathtub). Where do I get salt water? how does this work? I...
  2. TumblrTimes

    Hello! (:

    bristlenoseHello there, I'm new to these forums! Ive seen this website coming up as a search result when I have been looking for answers to my aquatic shenanigans so I decided I may as well just sign up   I'm new to fish keeping but I've been putting in loads of research over the last few...
  3. A

    Just Enough To Make Me Dangerous

    Hi everyone,   Im a long time reptile keeper who has decided to branch out into aquatics. Yet to set up my first tank as i have been reading up as much as i can before i jump in. I will no doubt pick everyones brains soon as my plan is to create a 190L planted tropical aquarium and hopefully...