water parameters

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  1. danajs

    Raising KH?

    How can I raise my KH to a more suitable level for RCS? My tank is currently reading; - 2KH - 8GH - 6.5/7.0pH RCS are currently living with Amano Shrimp and a Nerite Snail (who seem to be absolutely fine) and I seem to be finding one or two dead every/every other day. Tank has been running...
  2. M

    Moving with African Dwarf frogs

    Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I have to unexpectedly move (3 hours away). I currently am the owner of two African dwarf frogs and 1 betta. I know that this move will be stressful for them and I want to do anything I can to make it more comfortable so I have a few questions. What can I do...
  3. V

    I miss having bottom dwellers

    I want something that'll occupy the bottom. I'm interested in shrimp since they barely have any bio load, but I've also heard they're sensitive. I have livebearers, so if they would eat them, I'd have to get Amano shrimp, which I'm not really interested in since they're not as colorful as other...
  4. V

    Are these good results for almost 2 weeks into cycling?

    Ammonia used to be at like 1 but now it's back to nothing. Maybe because I've been a little sloppy and forgetful with adding it. I added more after these results.
  5. V

    How do you cycle a 5 gallon?

    I know that I'm supposed to wait for beneficial bacteria to build up. I'm planning on doing this by putting fish food in the empty tank. I know that I could also transfer stuff from another tank into the new tank for bacteria. Most resides in the filter, so can I transfer filter media? What I...
  6. V

    Do you still have to cycle if adding all the water from other, established tank?

    My other tank could fill up my new small tank, would it still need cycling?
  7. V

    Today I found out that my parents know nothing about cycling

    I asked my parents for help because I want to set up a new betta tank. They've been keeping fish for years and currently own a community tank and a turtle tank. I said, "I'll have to wait like a month for it to cycle." They had no idea what I was talking about. They said they've never waited...
  8. V

    Betta separated - now what?

    My betta in a community tank killed a fish when I came home from vacation. So now she's in a quarantine tank, and I'm going to have to get another tank for her permanent home. I already know about the basics, but my biggest question is, will I need to cycle the tank? I already have a 20 gallon...
  9. V

    Cories dying again

    This is extremely stressful. Now out of my three survivors, one is on the ground not moving again. I went on vacation so I couldn't monitor the water everyday. During the vacation, there was no food given, and lights off. Water parameters turned out fine according to the card that came with it...
  10. M

    Water softeners and aquarium

    Hey guys, I have been doing research on whether water softener systems in houses is safe for fish keeping. My original water in my area is well water with GH and Kh up in the areas of 15-18 (dgh and dkh) and the ph at 8.2. My family installed a water softener system (works with water crystals, i...
  11. E

    DIY Cement Background won't stop raising tank pH

    In mid-January I finished a diy aquarium background using this tutorial. It's a 30 gallon tank, but the background only goes up halfway so I only need about 20 gallons of water to cover it completely. For two weeks, I did 100% water changes every one or two days. Within less than 24 hours, the...
  12. Falconwithaboxon

    Parameter test

    Hello, So I made a post a couple days ago about some of my snails dying and people told me that the API test strips I am using are not accurate so they might have been getting ammonia poisoning even though the strips tell me that it's not an issue. It's not surprising since they were the...
  13. S

    My Water Source Parameters

    Hi Everyone I'm looking to build my empty nano (21 litre/5 gallon) into a potential shrimp tank. I'm looking to set up something simple so I can work on some core skills in the fish keeping world. I took a look at my local water provider and the stats they have on the water in my area. The...
  14. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Tank Inhabitants: 2 baby blue shrimp, nerite snail, mystery snail Temp: 1 heater set to 86 deg F Size: 10 gallons added a few cholla wood pieces (x3) and it totally clouded my tank, including these levels: added a carbon pack, but I’m waiting on an air pump for a medium-sized sponge filter
  15. MyFishKaren

    High Ammonia, Cyanobacteria Returning, Blackout Advice

    6/5/18 I did a 40ish% water change, siphoning out to what I perceived was to be all of the cyanobacteria. I took this water test right after my water change. Refilling the water (dechlorinated, conditioned, and added bacteria) the parameters were as follows: pH - 8.1 Ammonia - .50ppm Nitrite...
  16. raphlovesfish

    London water - stocking advice (pic attached for help)

    Hi All, This forum is invaluable for people like me who always had the desire to set a happy and healthy environment for fish to thrive in but never had the push to do it. Well, I have taken the plunge and decided to purchase my first tank as a beginner (I am 33 yrs old so not too late I...
  17. D

    Newer tank 3-4 weeks in having problems getting my nitrite down.

    Hello all, hope I worked the right forum to join! So I started a 55 gal freshwater tank about 4-6 weeks ago. Let it run for a week, I then added fritz turbo start 700, waited three days then ran a test with the API master kit. The readings were as follows. Ph 7.6 Ammonia 0.0 Nitrites 0.0...
  18. Mamashack

    Betta With Shredded Tail - Have I Done All I Can For Now?

    After advising other people what to do when their bettas have damaged fins/tails I now find myself in the very same position. He looked perfectly fine before I did his water change earlier today and I'm sure I would have noticed if it didn't look ok after but I honestly can't recall noticing...
  19. E

    One Of My Male Dwarf Gouramis Is Not Eating, Looks Sick

    I have 3 male dwarf gouramis in a 29 gallon tank planted tank. One of them is not eating and is not very active like usual. He just sits on the bottom of the tank in the corner or in places he never usually goes. He looks ill to me. When I go to feed all the fish, the other two eat, but he does...