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  1. S

    Apple Snail Video

    Hi all, I took a video of one of my apple snails going to the surface to breath through it's snorkel as it is quite fascinating. I tried to upload it but it appears that videos are not permitted?
  2. yardsales

    Hi, I'd like to update my filter.

    Hey guys. I was wanting to upgrade my filter because I feel like it would be a great benefit for my fish. Currently, I have a Golden Gourami, a Flame Gourami, a Rose Barb, and 2 guppies. I currently have a TopFin 20-gallon hexagon tank...
  3. Ryan10

    Video My Red Belly Piranha Feedings

    Here are a few of my Red Belly Piranha videos. It took over a year to put this shoal together. I started rescuing them from local fish stores. I was going to start with juvies but I saw two big guys in a very small tank with half dead goldfish swimming with them. I felt bad for them, so I bought...
  4. G

    Danios Glofish Sick? What Can I Do? (Video)

    Hi,   All my fish that behaved like the glofish in the following video ended up dying (2-3 of them, last one about two weeks ago). When he swims, he's ok, but when he stays in one place, it seems he cannot "keep his balance" and he needs to readjust all the time. I don't know what's going on, so...
  5. RossC

    How To Properly Clean An External/canister Filter

    How to Properly Clean an External/Canister Filter I've seen this question asked on many forums and all over YouTube so I thought I’d write a friendly and hopefully easy to follow guide on how to maintain your canister/external filter. Step 1: As with any sort of tank maintenance turn off...