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  1. R

    Possible pregnant Endler guppy

    Hi so I’m not to sure but I’m thinking one of my Endler guppy looks quite big, could it be pregnant?
  2. V

    What is she doing?

    It almost looks like she's drinking the water. She's not doing it constantly; she'll take a break then go right back to it. I hope she's okay.
  3. V

    What do you use for temperature?

    I heard that heaters could break easily, but mine has a 15-year guarantee so I'm not too worried about it. It has the temperature on it but that can be a little hard to read, so I have a stick-on external temperature marker. Idk what else I'd use. The heater lights up when warming up the water.
  4. Dopatri

    HELP! My Betta is close to death!

    UPDATE: Unfortunately my fish passed away shortly after posting this. I did however take some gorgeous shots of her scales. I’m absolutely in awe of the photos. They look majestic, at least I can remember her by looking at these photos. I want to share them with you. My female Betta isn’t...
  5. H

    Colourful medium sized tropical fish for a 55 gallon ?

    pH- 7.0~ Hardness- 7dGH Current stock- 15 Longfin zebra danios, 5 Harlequin rasboras, 1 BN pleco, 4 Kuhli loaches, 1 Albino rainbow shark I want some colourful medium sized fish around 4-5 inches to sit in the middle section of the tank as it looks empty right now. I've looked at some angels...
  6. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    Hi, yesterday I discovered my Molly gave birth, I found 4 teeny tiny little fry all hiding together so I scooped them up and put them in their own little hatchery. However, one of them I’ve noticed is struggling to keep afloat. It can swim, but it spends most of the time on the bottom. It’s...
  7. Dopatri

    Was my guppy fish suffering from disease?

    Hi, I’m wondering if I can have some opinions on what really happened to my female guppy! I bought her 3 days ago from a fish store and was told she was carrying, and would give birth to fry soon. However, upon observing her for the past two days I must say I was wondering whether she really was...
  8. O

    New Tank - Mid Cycle but unsure of progress - HELP :)

    Hi guys, I'm new here, hoping I can get some reassurance. Purchased a brand new AquaOne Lifestyle 55ltr tank about 3 weeks ago. Started with a fishless cycle, with only Ammonia going up to 2.0 during this time (no nitrites or nitrates). I buckled for Christmas and put in 4 Neon...
  9. J

    Advise please in regards of stock to the tank and plants etc

    Afternoon all, Was wondering if I could maybe get some suggestions in regards picking some beautiful fish for my tank please. My tank is 100L (l)76cmx(w)35cmx(H), currently I have a rainbow shark, x5 tetras & one mollie- will be getting some more mollies soon. Was wondering what other...
  10. A

    Thin corydora

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I recently bought a group of 6 corydoras for my 35 gallon aquarium. They are on their second week of quarantine and I'm worried because one of them is not eating. Since the beginning I noticed that it has a weird curvature on its spine and I haven't seen it...
  11. Brianna Leland

    Parrot Cichlid Gill Inflammation/white

    My parrot cichlid (Jellybean) is in a 54 gallon community tank. Ive had him for a year. He has developed a gill issue. Ive tried treating it with api general cure. He seemed to look a bit healthier but now has become shy and appears as if breathing is labored. He wants to eat all his food but...
  12. T

    Heating help!

    I have just taken over my dad's tropical fish tank and I am having so much trouble with the heater. I plugged it in and set it to the temperature he had it on which I think was 26? It was hard to see. Worked fine, water was lovely and warm. I put my hand in the next morning and it was boiling...
  13. S

    Weird Pea Puffer Behavior

    I recently was given two new pea puffers. A friend of mine thought they'd be fine in a 2 gallon tank so he bought them last week thinking they were cute. He soon realized after a day or two they were too much work, and handed them over to me. I had an empty 10 gal, but it wasn't cycled upon...
  14. M

    What other fish should I add to my tank?

    Hi, I have got: 6 neon tetras 2 hatchet fish 1 beta 1 Balloon Molly 1 Cory Catfish So, I am looking for cute and peaceful and compatible. I have had many issues in the past with violent fish which the store said would be great but have resulted in losing two balloon mollies. My parameters...
  15. S

    New Tank

    I have recently bought a 225l (50gallon) tank, it is 4ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft and i was just wondering about good predator/aggressive fish recommendations, i have owned various piranha breeds and would like to try something new
  16. S

    Newbie - Help me stock my 20 gallon tank! :)

    20 Gallon Tank - Size is approximately 25.75 x 14.25 x 18.62 Inches pH seems to be 7.8, alkaline.. GH seems to be 150, hard. [Colors are close.. pH could be 7.2] Looking for peaceful community fish. We are very new at this and still getting educated. If you could please provide a list of...
  17. Tool13x

    Tankmate suggestions. New to TFF and (kind of) new to the hobby.

    Hello everyone. I have had a 30 gal tropical community tank that I started about 5 years ago and have really been getting into the hobby in the last year or so. This is a tank we had started for the kids and at this point it is mostly a mix-match "survivor" community of fish that have made it...
  18. V

    gourami Worm?!?!

    Hi there, Today I woke up to feed my ish and I noticed a clear dangling thing coming out of my gouramis poop whole. I’m worried it might be a worm??!?! If so, how do I remove it? Can I pull it out with tweezers? Cheers
  19. K

    Fish idea help for 60 litre tank

    hi guys I am buying a 60 litre tank soon and I'd love some inspiration for fishy ideas. I'd love some top/middle and bottom action going on however, I know I can't have too many with it not being massive. Any ideas would be massively appreciated on types of fish etc to get ideas going :)...
  20. S

    Rainbow shark acting weird.. help?

    I’ve had a rainbow shark for 3 days now.. he still hasn’t turned fully black and he barely swims around. He’s in one position floating for hours and I’m concerned something is wrong. I’ve seen him eating algae but ever so often. My tank is 25l (I am aware this is small, I will upgrade to a...