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  1. mrstwalker

    Torn Koi Fins & Scales ... Please Help!

    Recently my husband decided he wanted to start a North American Native tank & we have received 5 young (probably 1 week - 4 week old) Green Sunfish. In attempt to have 1 less tank in the house (yeah..right.  ) We decided to add our shubunkin koi to the tank (5)  because we had heard of people...
  2. U

    Beta Splenden Mystery (Fin Rot Or ?)

    After much confusion over several attempts to introduce my female beta, Petunia, into larger quarters than her usual home (.5gal tank on my desk) I have finally come to a forum to BEG. And I mean it, BEG for any answers. Petunia is a female splenden. A beautiful fish. A happy, healthy...
  3. LicianDragon

    Guppy Tails Being Torn Up Again!

    I have a 20 gallon planted community tank. Fish include-   3 female guppies 1 male guppy 1 hifin molly 1 red-tiger platy 1 red-tail sand loach 3 julii cory cats 1 hillstream loach   I've had issues with fin tearing before that was attributed to an overstocked tank. The tank is fine now but my...
  4. LicianDragon

    Betta And Male Guppies Suddenly Have Their Fins Ripped Up?

    I noticed this morning that my male betta and several of my male guppies have their tail fins torn up pretty badly. This all seemed to happen overnight. I have a 20 gallon tropical community tank.My fish include-   7 Fancy guppies:mixture males and females( Poecilia reticulata )  1 Golddust...