1. nowonder

    Normal Platy Behavior?

    Tank is new.. just went through the first water cycle. I just got the two other platys to keep my single one company. All females. They’re like hiding?? Just wondering if this is normal. The pic shows all three, also in the tank is a betta (not bullying them, I watch them all day) and two dwarf...
  2. K

    Amano shrimp acting strange

    Hi! Have had my tropical tank for 6 months now. I keep amanos in here as well as a few fish. I have noticed tonight that he is acting really strange. He shed his shell this morning but he is sort of lay around twitching and lying on his side/back. Is he going to die? ☹☹ he will get up every...
  3. Bri McLelland

    How Far (Pregnant) is My Guppy?

    I don't want to annoy people, I'm sure there are quite a lot of threads like this. if you are willing to help, can you figure out how much longer till my guppy gives birth? (an estimation) I'd like to know so I can put her in a breeder box to prevent her from eating the fry.... Thanks for reading.
  4. W

    Various Tanks

    Age and condition: Various Quantity for sale: 15 Reason for Sale: Closing down my fishroom Delivery or Collection:   Collection only Sales price: Varies depending on the size of the tank Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage & Packaging Price: Not applicable
  5. W

    My 20 Gallon Build

    OKAY! So here is the dealio.  I know what I would like in the tank, what filters and all that good stuff. I am looking for suggestions on cutting the stock (if needed), any other plants I would need (particularly for the african butterfly fish) or any other fishy stuff and recommendations for...