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  1. B

    Ick? Nitrate poisoning? Tumors?

    Hey all, I need help ASAP. I got permission to clean and take care of my boyfriends parents fish tanks. The one I need help with is a 55gal freshwater tropical mixed tank. With angels, Cory's, plecos, tetras, and other fishies I'm not sure what they are, and a snail. Everything has been going...
  2. R

    Help me with tetras?

    I'm experienced in fishkeeping. I'm redoing my aquarium, and having a tetra tank of about 100 tetras. I know the general rule is 6+ per kind of tetra. Would I be able to do 4 of each kind up to 100 fish? Would this work? I know less than 6 of each kind usually means there could be aggression but...
  3. Stefan3289

    Which group of tetras to get for 30 gallon

    Currently have a 29 gallon with 3 honey gouramis, 8 Cory catfish (plan to get it to 10) and then 6 moss balls (if they really count) I was debating which group of fish I could add. I have tried tiger barbs and cardinal neons, but no luck. How many could I add of these? Black neon Emperor...
  4. Stefan3289

    Stock for 29 gallon?

    Dimensions are 30” by 12” by 18” (L,D, H) I have 10 cories (might get 2 more) PH: 7 GH 160 ppm (9 DKH) KH: 0 Temp:75-78 for cories. I was thinking of either getting: Kribensis Cichlids (I cant tell if they are bottom or mid dwellers Emperor tetra Black neon I was also told that some...
  5. A

    Sick Serpae Tetra, plz help

    Hello, I have had 3 serpae tetras in my tank for a while, and recently one of them has been looking really sick. Not sure what it is, but it looks a LOT skinnier and it is swimming rapidly in circles. It is also not eating recently. I have not noticed any fin rot, or any white poop (signs of a...
  6. A

    Does my tetra have fin rot?

    Hello So about 2 weeks ago I bought 4 tetras from my local fish shop. Two of them look fine, but the third one has some thing going on with his tail. Is it fin rot, or is it some other disease? I have a 55 gallon tank, cycled, soft water, filtered and heated at 80 f. Thanks PS how do I lower...
  7. B

    What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    I bought four fish for my friend's birthday and found out he doesn't even have an aquarium anymore. He said he'd take them but I felt bad and actually like them so I just decided to keep and now I'm left with these fish I knew nothing about. They've been in a one gallon tank since friday.Bought...