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  1. T

    Where to get water for testing

    Does it make a difference where in the tank I collect the water to test it? It occured to me that since I'm taking water from the top of the tank to test I might not be getting information about lower in the tank, but I've got a filter, so theoretically the water should be all mixed? I've had a...
  2. S

    HELP PLEASE. Fish staying at surface.

    Hi all. I’m new to the fish keeping hobby, I’m from uk. We bought a 40L tank from a pet shop, cleaned tank, gravel and plastic plants etc, installed filter and heater set at (25 degrees Celsius)that came with the tank, filled tank to the water level marked on the filter, we added tapsafe and...
  3. B

    Can Salt affect API ammonia test reading?

    Short question, can aquarium salt affect the reading of ammonia using the API liquid master test kit? Background: I have a guppy tank that is cycled, not overstocked or overfed, well maintained and regular water changes and the fish are doing very well but my ammonia readings for the tank are...
  4. GriffinC18

    Water Testing Kits

    Hey, so i am going to get a kit to test my nitrate, ammonia, nitrite and PH.....   should i get one with the drops of liquid or the other kind?     Whats the benefits of the certain ones and which ones the best in your opinion?
  5. P

    New Setup, Water Readings

    Hello All,   I have a new setup as follows:   Roma 125 tank Eheim Professional 3 250 filter   I put 1 cm of Tropica Plant Substrate in a couple of days ago, then 3-4 cm of gravel that came supplied with the tank over this, a medium piece of washed in fresh water bogwood from Petsathome and a...
  6. Noahh

    Natural Looking Tank Set Up

    Hi all,   I've just moved from a 50 litre tank to a 200 litre which is currently cycling.   I'm hoping to create a well planted community tank filled with small schools of small fish.   Plants so far: Egeria Densa Green Cabomba Bacopa Monnieri Dwarf Sagittara   Fish so far: 1 x Female...