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testing and measurments

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  1. V

    I can't get a test kit because my parents said I don't need it!

    I finally saw the test kit I wanted today and picked it up. My mom put it back, saying it was too expensive and that test strips do the same thing. The strips have 5 in a package and could potentially be inaccurate. I have a disability that prevents me from getting a job, otherwise I would have...
  2. Cuileann

    Measurements for a newbie

    I am very new to the hobby and we have bought the Tetra 105l starter kit. We plan to cycle it and move the fish we rescued into it. (they were going to get flushed down the toilet) It advertises as 105l. (H48cm, W76cm, D37cm) I used a calculator here and with the measurements it says it holds...
  3. TwoTankAmin

    Nitrogen And Other Things

    Before going into any discussion I would like to suggest interested folks have a read at the link below. It could be written a bit clearer but it goes a long way towards explaining things in regards to testing for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and what role nitrogen plays in it all. However, the...