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  1. V

    I can't get a test kit because my parents said I don't need it!

    I finally saw the test kit I wanted today and picked it up. My mom put it back, saying it was too expensive and that test strips do the same thing. The strips have 5 in a package and could potentially be inaccurate. I have a disability that prevents me from getting a job, otherwise I would have...
  2. M

    Confused on water testing

    I have been cycling my tank for 10 days. I used the test strips today but I’m not really sure on what they should be can someone advise please? If anything not correct what I can do to help
  3. B

    Help me read the water results

    Hi, I am new to the hobby, and was testing my water but I am unsure how to read the results. Can you help me? I have 20 Gallon fishtank, 3 guppies and 2 plants inside, side filter and a heater, (however my water is on 80F due to warm weather and the heater never goes on). The fish tank is 2...
  4. R

    Cheap Alternatives for Water Testing

    Hello,I was wondering if there are cheaper alternatives to water test kits,as i don't have that much money,like some homemade test kit or something.
  5. Barry Tetra

    False Ammonia reading?

    Hello! I have a problem with Ammonia test kit for a while now, it’s time I talk about this. So everytime I do a water test, Ammonia test seems to be a little off...so I just assumed it’s 0... I tested 7 tank even the tank that are planted, all of the result are the same, which is this colour...
  6. Barry Tetra

    Anyway to test pH in tannin stained water?

    Hallooo! This is my blackwater tank water and I can’t test pH because it’s too dark, anyway to do it?
  7. Falconwithaboxon

    Parameter test

    Hello, So I made a post a couple days ago about some of my snails dying and people told me that the API test strips I am using are not accurate so they might have been getting ammonia poisoning even though the strips tell me that it's not an issue. It's not surprising since they were the...
  8. Tttay89

    Which of these 2 test kits to trust?

    Since the start of fish keeping I have always used API test kit and ALWAYS had a very high Nitrate reading at around 40 which has always annoyed me and never been able to get it to budge with taking measures. even my tap water reading is around 25ppm I thought I'd get another Nitrate test kit to...
  9. T

    Something is very wrong in my tank

    Ok. This gon be long. I tried to get good pictures, but fish b fish ukno I've had 5 (6, but one died already from whatever it is that's wrong) female guppies since january. I bought them online from a good seller. They came healthy (and preggo :D), totally fine these past few months. They were...
  10. Barry Tetra

    How to use Tetra Test GH & KH liquid test?

    Hello I just bought new GH and KH test kit from LFS and i have no idea how to use them. What does it mean by ‘change the water from red to green’ and ‘from blue to yellow’? I just wasted 20 drop of test bottle and it turn in to green but not red??? I have no idea o_O
  11. F

    Can't Tell Results With Test Kit

    Anyone have the same problem? With API test kit it's hard to tell with ammonia when it's at a reading of 0 or .25