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    60 litres: Single male swordtail with or without guppies

    Hello Everyone I have 60 litres (13.2 gallon) tank with a group of Endler guppies in. They are doing great but of course, there is a problem of the rapidly growing population I would like to control. I bought 4 of them and now I have around 15 adults and lots of youngsters/fry. I always liked...
  2. F

    Betta with Harlequin Rasboras and?????

    This is my fist time setting up a community tank with a male betta as the centre peice. I have 3 other successful community tanks right now! I have a 26 gallon bowfront tank that is currently cycling and im having trouble find accurate answers/find alot of mixed answers to a few questions i...
  3. B

    Tank setup

    Hello all, apologies if I posted in the wrong forum, new around these parts. I have a blue male Betta. Currently he is in a 3 gallon tank by himself, he's been there for roughly 6 months. Since he's an active fellow, I have recently begun to feel like he needs some more space. My plan was to...
  4. H

    3 Male Platys - What Next?

    Hi All,   Our family has a new tank, which has been fish-less cycled (thanks to the info on this site) and has been home to 3 male platys for the last week now.   We've tested the water parameters and the filter is coping fine with its current stock of fish - ammonia & nitrites both 0.   My...