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  1. E

    Best CO2 system for about £100?

    Title. Hi guys, wanted to know if there are any decent CO2 systems that are relatively easy to just hook up to a tank and go. never used anything other than a tropica 60 system before so an all-in-one system would be preferred. Cheers!
  2. M

    Views on using a sump system for tropical

    In addition to my tropical tank I have a 400l marine tank which obviously filters through a sump which also houses a heater, UV lamp and a protein skimmer. (I know I won’t need the skimmer) I’m looking at upgrading my tropical to an 8ft 1000l one. I really like the sump system on the marine as...
  3. S

    Few Filteration Questions

    I have a 55 Gal Breeder WIDE tank that I want to make into a crayfish dedicated tank. Looking to get some Electric Blues to Breed hopefully (if you have any sites that sell that and would like to recommend please do). My tank is ment to house animals like snakes and lizards but I am pretty sure...
  4. Cameronb_01

    Filter System

    Hi Everyone, I have just set up the filter in my Rio Juwel 400 and after just 17 hours my filter pad looked like the one you see below. How often do I need to change my filter pads? Is that normal after just 17 hours? How dirty should it be before I change it? It is that colour before I have...
  5. Robbo89

    Diy Co2 System

    So I'm looking at giving one a shot while I've got a few weeks off from school.   I don't really have any plants which require c02:   Anubias barteri (in a few days) Hygrophilia Corkscrew Val Crypt Wendtii   but am looking at maybe adding some Rotala Wallichii which I hear does require c02 and...