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  1. Jiff101

    Looking for wholesale suppliers in the uk

    Hey everyone I'm from the Isle of Man I have been using an Irish wholesale company winter is upon us and the ferry no longer sails there looking for a reliable UK wholesaler supplier I can use I do large group orders for the whole island community currently our only fish supplier
  2. mrstwalker

    Tank Cleaning Questions.. Help!

    My husband and I usually siphon all of our tanks once a week, one of our female platys has been giving birth for about 2 weeks now. 11 of these babies are safe in a breeder box but we know there are more fry in the tank. Is it okay to just do water changes and not siphon the tank for a while...
  3. AlitaConejita

    Got A 10 Gal, Yay! ... Now What?

    Hi All,   I didn't think I'd get a 10 gal till Nov or so, but I was doing my back to school shopping at Walmart and right across from the 17 cent 1 subject notebooks was the pet aisle - and right in my line of vision was a 10 gal for $13.97 - woohoo!   Currently [in case you haven't seen my...