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  1. L

    Platy Not Eating?

    Hello, I recently got a 20 gal tank...about 2-3 weeks ago and I currently have 4 platy's, a molly and two guppies. 3 of the platy's were purchased a couple days after I got the tank, along with the dalmation molly and just two days ago I got a sunburst platy and the two guppies.   During feeding...
  2. P

    Pregnant Sunburst Platy?

    We have a 5 gal tank for our son with 2 females and the 1 male we had died unexpectedly about a week after getting the females. That was a month or so ago. A few days ago I saw a baby fry in the tank and quickly pulled him and separated him. He is cute and happy...I'm assuming only one mom had...
  3. I

    Platy Type Identification

    Hi I just got my first platy and I can't tell if it's a sunburst mickey mouse or a sunset mickey mouse, or are they the same thing? Here's the best pic I could get of him, her? Also, any clue on sexing, particularly what sex mine is and why. And I see he's a bit red around the gills, at first I...
  4. fishkeeper207

    Is My Sunburst Platy Pregnant?

    If so how long until I get fry http://instagram.com/p/VziX6HMsbo/