south american cichlid

  1. T

    55 gallon stocking questions/suggestions part 2

    Hi I set up a 55 gallon aquarium and I have some stocking ideas from a previous post. - Already cycled * Ph = 7.8 - 8.52 units. * GH = 159 - 164 ppm * Calcium = 47 - 78.5 ppm Fish I'm thinking about stocking with: - 2 Large schools of tetra (probably cardinals and something else) - 3 oto cats...
  2. S

    Electric blue acara tank mates

    Currently have a pair of electric blue acara in a 45 gallon tank w plentiful cover from driftwood, rocks, and plants. Any suggestions as to compatible schooling fish, or another companion that isn’t equally eye catching ? Thought about firemouth and severnum but they’re definitely too large...
  3. S

    Stocking Advice for 75 gallon

    Hey guys, I have a 75 gallon tank which I want to use for a South American Cichlid tank. I’m debating on keeping 2 electric blue acara, a jack Dempsey, and a firemouth / green terror together. Would this be doable, or would there be constant fighting and unnecessarily territorial behavior? Don’t...
  4. B

    German Blue Ram Sexing help.

    Hey guys, recently gotten back into the hobby after a few years of absence. School work etc... Anyways I have purchased a single German Blue Ram. and i want to get it a mate in attempts of breeding. Pretty sure this one is a female. Would appreciate if someone could confirm or tell me otherwise...
  5. sawickib

    Geophagus Red Head Tapajo

    This is only here to be later moved to the fish species index. Thanks   Common name/s: Geophagus Red Head Tapajo   Scientific name: Geophagus sp. 'orange head'   Family: Cichlidae   Origin: South America   Maximum size: 5-6” (12-15cm)   pH: 4.5-7.5    Water temperature: 76-86f (24-30C)   Care...