1. V

    WHAT IS THIS ?! Brown Underbelly on Shrimp?!

    Hello. i am quite concerned with my couple years old bamboo shrimp. Always been healthy and all. Over the past few days i have noticed that it has a brown underbelly (never happened before). It is constantly touching it and waving its little feet about. Does not look like eggs. It looks like...
  2. ameliagb


    so this morning i turn on the tank lights and my pictus cat (about 2 inches id guess) was STUCK to the filter and not in a "im dying" way in a thrashing and trying to swim off of it way looking around frantic with those big pictus cat eyeballs SO i push him off gently with the net an he swims...
  3. BettaLuver

    Sick Female Better Fish

    Hello all! I hope I'm posting this in the correct area (been a while since my last log in). Posting this in hopes of some of you helping me out with a sick female betta fish. She lives in a 5.5 gallon tank with 2 red cherry shrimps. The tank has been cycled months ago (ammonia: 0, nitrite: 0...
  4. tetraodon_biocellatus

    125 Gallon Placement/will This Even Work Help

    Hello world,        I am currently looking into the purchase of a 125 gallon aquarium, my main concern is weight. The location I am considering is on the second floor, adjacent to a load bearing wall. I live in an old home made of heart pine which is supposedly much stronger than other woods and...
  5. carflo647

    Is My Platy Just Bloated Or Does She Have Dropsy?

    With help too guys. Questions will be answered perso-acctually they won't if you have a question ask me and I'll reply somehow. Sorry guys I can't get a picture
  6. BlackyMoory

    Operation Transformation

    Okay so I've made so many mistakes with my fish and just now want to give them a better life! I have four goldfish around 5-6 cm long! and one male betta.     I would like to know exactly everything I should have for my fish a "shopping list maybe"?     I live in Ireland where temperatures are...