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  1. ella777

    Sore lip?

    A few months ago, my mums friend had to move and couldnt take her fish. She had 2 platies and 1 guppy. They were in a tiny tank with a small plastic plant. I decided to keep them and they were very happy in a larger tank. I only have my female platy left now. But I was wondering, her bottom lip...
  2. T

    Dwarf Gourami Bacterial Infection

    I've had this powder blue dwarf gourami for a few weeks in a 20G long tank, heavily planted, with one female neon dwarf gourami, two honey gouramis, and three ghost shrimp, and after one week he developed a lump just above a small red spot on his side that looked like an injury that would easily...
  3. L

    Injury on Bristlenose Pleco

    Hello everyone! I’ve recently noticed this injury/sore on my gold Bristlenose and I have no idea what it is.. I can’t find anything online that looks similar so I’m really worried. he’s super shy and I barely ever get to see his belly and certainly don’t usually get close enough to the tank to...
  4. M

    Golden zebra loach with red sore!!!

    Hi, I have 2 juvenile golden zebra loaches, 3 guppies, 2 shrimp, and 1 nerite snail...checked my water parameters last night and everything was fine..0 nitrates, pH 6.8, temp 74, and now this morning one of the zebra loaches has a red sore on his side with some rapid breathing, I got this loach...
  5. B

    Does anyone know what this red mark, possibly sore? On my cory catfish is?

    I recently found white worms in my tank, I cannot get rid of them, so I started treating my tank with salt and water changes to no avail. I found my Cory cat with this on his side last night, does anyone know what it could be from?
  6. D

    Pleco sore patch?

    My bristlenose pleco has a pale patch on head. I'm concerned it's a sore or beginning of infection. Can anyone advise?
  7. V

    My Zebra Danio has a chunk missing? scab?

    Hi. I straight away i want to say I am not great with all the measurements like pH and all. but.. Few weeks age my danio was hiding away and rocking side to side. Then, it suddenly starred swimming around with other fish and swimming around alot. However his colour went pale. The moment he got...
  8. Flinkbag

    Weird Firemouth Cichlid Sore?

    Hey all!   So I noticed this morning that my Firemouth Cichlid, who is a beautiful male i named Susan (XD), has what looks like a white blob/sore thing around the anal region. What on earth could this be? I've never noticed it on him before. I'll upload a picture of it, its a little hard to see...