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  1. AnnAlfie

    How to stop other fish eating catfish food

    After years of keeping fish I have successfully come up with a solution to stop tank mates of catfish eating all the catfish food before the catfish get a chance to eat it themselves. I have a community tank with some aggressive eaters such as Angel fish and barbs. I had to come up with a...
  2. J

    Cloudy water 2 days after set up

    Im very new to having fish, so just figuring things out. I set up my tank on Tuesday. I did everything as I should have eg rinsed the tank, rinsed the gravel etc I added the Bio-boost and Tap water conditioner as instructed to by the aquatic shop I bought the tank from and followed the...
  3. D

    Marina Surfin Aquarium Kit .. Help?

    Hi Guys as you will notice, I'm new to this forum so thank you all for any forthcoming advice... We purchased this 14litre kiddies tank for the little one (aged 8 in Feb) and have set it up today. Having followed instructions it states for us to add one "sachet" of Nutrafin Aqua + and one of...