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  1. S

    Suitable Tank Inhabitants

    Hi all, I recently had a good discussion on here about the minimum number that should be kept of particular species and during that discussion discovered that my tank may have some fish that may well be unsuited to the tanks water conditions , hence this new post to try and establish which...
  2. Sparklehoofs

    Can anyone identify this white dust on anubias?

    Hi, I have a lot of tanks. All have been running fine for months. Some heavily planted. 2 planted tanks have just turned upside down and have no idea why. 1 had only green spot algae and I just removed the plant it was affecting before dosing with phosphate to fix this. The second tank had...
  3. D

    Is this a decent set up

    Hi everyone, Please note I am an absolute beginner when it comes to fishkeeping. I'm thinking of what size tank I should get and what fish I should get, my water hardiness is soft (33-51ppm). I've done quite a bit of research and have been looking at ideas of fish stocking for community fish so...
  4. S

    How to raise GH without PH getting too alkaline.

    I'm keeping livebearers: platy, molly, guppies. The platy and guppy do ok, but the molly's always have issues. I lose fish every now and again to common livebearer diseases. My tank parameters have always been good. I use an Api kit. Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5-10, Ph 7.8, temp 78. Water...
  5. C

    Buffer Ph Or Acclimate New Fish Slowly?

    My tap water is medium on the hardness scale, and the pH is naturally around 7.7 or so.   I would like to start a tank for South American fish that need lower pH and soft-medium water. In researching the topic I seem to be getting mixed opinions on whether to adjust the hardness and pH to better...
  6. S

    Starting My Tank Up Again!

    Hi All, used to be a regular here quite a few years ago - I had a planted tank, Co2 etc etc - well, durnig that time the tank was getting left more and more and eventually I stopped as it wasnt fair to the poor fish! well.. im glad to say that now im back into it, with the time and the space...