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  1. PygmyMitch

    What is this slime ?

    What actually is this slime that has built up on the pump tube. It only builds up on the tube and no where else really.
  2. T

    Clownfish has white slime! Help!

    Hi, please help, any advice is appreciated! My sisters clownfish has these “spots” and has has them for a couple of weeks. Her smaller clown had them and now they’re gone, but this one is still “infected”. He has been acting fine and eating like normal, thanks in advance.
  3. Daviem

    My aquarium just won’t cycle so I thought I would ask for advise before throwing in the towel

    Hi, I have a brackish aquarium that eventually is supposed to be a full saltwater aquarium, the fish are brackish until they reach adulthood, the aquarium setup is 2-3 months old now, has multiple filters, biomedia, seachem matrix, tetra bio media, fluval biomedia, sponges etc, I have added tons...
  4. Irksome

    Algae turned to slime

    Hello. I’ve had a lot of green hair algae in my fish tank so I have cut down on my lighting from 10 hours to about 6-7. The algae has now collapsed into a shroud of green slime draping over my plants. It’s very hard to remove as it no longer has the strength of the filaments and it...
  5. Goosegrl2019

    Blood parrot cichlid sick

    Hi, I'm angie, I'm new but have been reading threads & wondering if u can help me. My adopted 4 year old blood parrot is I'll. Shes been in a 37 gal w me for 3 months after being in 75 gal. I put her in 55 gal 4 days ago & added 2 gouramis that may have given her white fungus. The parrot has a...
  6. G

    Slimy stuff

    I'm doing a fishless cycle of a dirted tank. The filter is cycled and has been going for over a year. Since I set up the tank more of this slimy tendrily stuff has appeared. On closer inspection under the microscope it turned out to be bacteria and infusoria. Anyone knows about this?
  7. S

    Urgently Need Advice

    Hi, I have a 75litre freshwater aquarium, water conditions normal on test strips and water is conditioned(been having a misty water issue but it is improving), carbon integrated filters and heated of course. (1/4 water change - 2 days ago) 3 male mollies, 9 female mollies, 3 molly fry, 1 female...
  8. Y

    Slime On Aquarium Glass

    So I have this translucent slime film developing all across my aquarium glass you an really see it except for the little bubbles trapped around it, and I have orangish looking algae growing on my marine rock as well in the main tank, Is this something to be worried about? 
  9. B

    Betta Surrounds It Self With Slime

    I'v set up a new tank for my 2 female bettas, I have timed up them with a guppy an a tiny rainbow shark. After 2 day the one of the bettas started hiding behind the heater, she was staying still and because every one was a bit scared from the new environment i was thinking that she was just...
  10. greenmumma141

    Tank Slime/film, Algae?

    Hey guys, my tank has been up and going for about a month now (started with cycled filter) and I havent had a single bit of algae, but I noticed that my tank looks cloudy, so looking closer I could see that the inside of the glass has a slime on the front and sides too. It's more noticable...
  11. T

    What Was That White Fuzzy Stuff?

    alright so i had a tank of goldfish a while back. I had a very special oranda named Kitty he got sick one day because he got swim bladder and while that happened i guess he was stressed because a million other things went wrong with him and his fins began to desinagrate i used melafix for a...