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  1. V

    Close call story with fry

    I was doing a water change when I noticed one of my platy fry in the bucket. I had already dumped out most of the water. I probably didn't notice him at first because water isn't the only thing that gets sucked out (Gunk, fish poop, my sand if I'm not careful). Since the bucket was nearly empty...
  2. V

    How do I avoid sucking sand during water change?

    I recently have sand substrate. When I try to clean it like I did with gravel, a portion of the sand gets sucked up into the hose. I have to scoop it back into the tank with a net. I don't want to lose substrate every water change.
  3. S

    Siphon / Syphon Pump

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice as to whether this pump would be OK to use in my freshwater tropical set up? I know it will do the trick but I'm a little concerned about any chemical pollution of my tank water. Mark
  4. V

    Is there a way to reverse siphon- using it to add water?

    I know that siphoning removes water and cleans out waste from under the gravel. But in water change, you have to replace the water. However, I haven't gotten it to flow the opposite way. With a bucket of clean water, I placed the siphon in headfirst and the plastic pipe end into the tank. I...
  5. R

    Better way to clean sand?

    I recently switched my 29 gal long to black sand (imagitarium) and I’ve been cleaning it with a regular siphone, but it’s pretty inefficient. The siphon doesn’t pick up all of the debris and it drains water too fast to get it clean, I’ve tried to stop the flow in order to slow the draining, but...
  6. H

    Is my siphon too big??

    Look, I have a pretty simple siphon, one that online said it was good for 10 gallon tanks. That might have been at the edge of the range it covered, but it was still in there. I have a 10 gal tank with sand substrate that I need to clean, but the damn thing won't work. I've seen all those...
  7. simonero

    Apple Snail - Swollen Siphon

    Hey guys, One of my apple snails has what looks like a "swollen" siphon. Another snails had this as well but died. It also appears to be lighter in color than I'd expect somewhat, probably as an artifact of the swelling. Anybody have any idea what is going on and/or what the cause could...
  8. D

    Electric Siphons?... Which One To Get?

    Hey all!   So I'm wanting to get an electric siphon for my large tank (and possibly one for my smaller tanks, depending on cost), and I know absolutely nothing about them, let alone which ones would be good for my tanks. (Sorry mods if this thread is in the wrong place, I couldn't figure out...