1. S

    All Fish Behaving Strangely After 3D Background Installed.

    Hey everyone,    I have a bit of a crisis at the moment,    I recently installed a 3d background in my aquarium, it's made from Styrofoam, covered in cement, then sealed with crommelin Pond Sealer.  I glued it in with selley's aquarium safe sillicone and waited for it to fully cure before...
  2. L

    Silicone Help For Fish Tank Needed

    I rescued a fish tank not too long ago, the side is cracked and I've decided to replace the entire side seeing that I don't think putting another glass over it will help in the long run (the crack take up almost half of the side before spreading out to small minor cracks). I bought GE Silicone...
  3. SamB

    Ge Silicone I

    GE Silicone I CLEAR   Summary   While not specifically for use in aquariums, GE Silicone I is often used around the hobby as a sealant, both for tanks, cracks, and a general hold all. It is easy to use, and, in my experience, highly effective. While the back label does read "Not for use below...