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  1. Mackamoora


    A couple months ago my sister in law bought a betta, Galaxy, he was doing great always swimming, his fins were great, very active and would eat well. She noticed a white spot that we treated as ick, but I also noticed how horrible the back fin looks and his scales are losing color. Hes a lot...
  2. A

    Betta confusion

    I don’t know what is wrong with my male betta. I got 2 males yesterday and one of them was very active and liked swimming around. But today he seems not right. He is staying in the top corner of his tank not moving around. He ate this morning. And the other betta ate too and he seems perfectly...
  3. B

    Sick Betta, Inflamed Gill?

    I'm so sorry if I'm posting to the incorrect forum, but I'm looking for help regarding a sick fish. I posted in another forum but wanted to get as much help as possible. Please let me know if I've violated any rules by posting here. Hi everyone! I'm currently trying to help heal my one year...
  4. H

    betta poops grey but is still active, colorful, and eating?!

    Hello everyone! My betta started to poop grey a maybe two weeks ago? and my betta jumped out of my tank one week ago. He was out for a few hours most likely and is now recovering and regrowing well... however a few days after he jumped he had a normal poo... like exactly the same color as his...