1. B

    Blue Dream Shrimps from Ebay.. kill or treat?

    What is this on this shrimp? should I be worried? Treatable or should I euthanise immediately. I have put this one in a quarantine tank but that inside my main tank... Any help or advice appreciated.
  2. Davit Gogoladze

    Nano tank with shrimps

    Hello! This is my nano tank (3months) 45x28x30cm ELU aqua soil 2x 5w 6500k led (8h) filter aquael versamax fzn-1 Bucephalandra Anubias barteri var. nana glossostigma elatinoides Hemianthus micranthemoides Christmas Moss Heterandria formosa 10+ shrimps neocaridina 20+ CO2 JBL Ferropol JBL...
  3. I

    Shrimp compatibility

    Hello everyone! I'm keen in the future to have a fry tank (when I rehome it's occupants), and was wondering on your thoughts on this: 47L AquaVue-like tank with built in filter, gravel, live plants, driftwood. Live in hard water area, no plans to use reverse osmosis. Plans for tank...
  4. I

    Cherry shrimp missing!!!

    I have a densly planted 56 gallon tank(even floating plants) with only tetras and a pair of roseline sharks.It is a well set ecosystem. I have kept and bred many exotic fish over the years. However i have never been able to keep cherry shrimp!! I have kept amano for years and they have no...
  5. Ingrid

    Red cherry shrimps ?

    I have been given a 15 litres tank and have planted it densely with low growing plants . I am wondering is this suitable for red cherry shrimps and am wondering how many to keep in there . Care tips are also welcome
  6. Ingrid

    Advice needed

    I set up my fish tank 4 days ago with filter ,heater , and light . I then added tap safe ,bio boost ,gravel ,plants ,decorations and a air stone . Every thing is working fine the ph now is 7.4 and the ammonia level is less than 0.02 ppm . Is it all right if I add two ammino shrimps tomorrow a...
  7. Ingrid


    Do you need to feed shrimps or do they only live on plants and uneaten food
  8. Moony42

    How are my shrimp?

    Hello TFF!!!! I have added shrimp to my 10 gallon. There are many different kinds of shrimp in the tank. Can you tell me which I should keep, and which I should move to another tank? This question is for essjay as she knows a lot about shrimp, but others can feel free to answer! THE SIDE...
  9. Ch4rlie

    Disappearing Threadfins

    As title says, there has been some mysterious disappearances of my Threadfin Rainbowfish!   More specifically have had 4 Threadfins disappear over the last 2 months or so.   No evidence whatsoever of whats happened to them, no body, no bones, nothing.   Water parameters, ph, 7.8, amonia 0...
  10. T

    Happy Tropical Shrimp

    Hi,   I am a relative new comer to this hooby. I bought all my stock from a shop in central London and yesterday was asked a few questions by customers, a couple, who said I should post my advice. I have never posted anything anywhere so this is a first. I have been keeping fish and shrimp...