1. C

    Elegence and Meat Coral for sale $49 +/-

    Sell both for $49, first come first serve. Moving soon, afraid that they might not make it. I am not responsible for shipping
  2. G

    I want to set up a shrimp breeding tank with an old 10 gallon tank

    Hello everyone! I have a barely used 10 gallon tank lying around and I want to turn it into a shrimp breeding tank. I have done a fair amount of research into the idea, so I have a good theoretical grasp of the idea. I wanted to come on here to get a practical idea of what to expect. I would...
  3. ChrisK

    Pleco Advise

    Hi my albino bristlenose plecos just had babies and I have at least 20 that I’ve been able to count. I have a 230L community where I already have 3 adult BM and a 105L betta tank that has one young BM so I can’t keep any more. Where can I sell them? LPS won’t take any dude to space and...
  4. Falconwithaboxon

    Size Comparison

    So I was looking at fish tanks to buy yesterday in a 400 gallon fish tank popped up. I can't afford it and I don't have room for it but I still decided to look at the listing because I was interested. The very last picture was the guy showing how big it is. I definitely understand how big it is...
  5. Barry Tetra

    How much would you pay for this?

    Yep, we have an entire forest of Indian almond tree near our house and wanted to sell it as I’ve seen it really expensive on ebay. I just want a suggestions; 1. how much would you pay for this if you were a customer? The size of leaves is about 10-13 inches 2. How much will it cost? 3...
  6. M

    Breeding guppies as a hobby

    Hello guys, Hope everyone is well!! I have a question. I have kept guppies for years and recently have thought about selling some of my fry on as part of my hobby! Does anyone else do this? Do you find you have to many fry and you can't sell them all? What platforms do you use to sell your...
  7. S

    Caridina Simoni, how to get?

    Hello! I am a hobby shrimp and fish keeper/breeder, living in Norway. I have been trying to get a number of different shrimp species, but have thus far been unable to find anywhere that sells them. Shrimps like Caridina Simoni (Sri Lanka shrimp) and Palaemonetes paludosus (Ghost shrimp) Seem...
  8. T

    Ways to get rid of home-bred fish

    I've been into aquariums in on and off for a long time, but I've never actually bred any. Recently, I've become interested in breeding fish. In particular, I'd like to try to breed every type of fish I've ever owned. This is the list (for my book-keeping purposes, and if anyone is interested)...
  9. M

    2 Oscars For Sale - Astley, Manchester, M29

    Age and condition: Not sure - can only be a couple of years though Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: Getting too big for my tank. Not fair on them or the other fish. Delivery or Collection: Collection only please Sales price: Open to offers. Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage &...
  10. D34DLY

    West Midlands - Selling 42 Litre (11.1 Us Gallon) Fish Tank & Equi

    Please fill out the following form for any and all transactions. Please change the first line as applicable to the transaction Equipment: 42 Litre (11.09 US Gallon) Glass Aquarium Lighting Unit (UK PLUG) Coral Gravel (AMOUNT IN PICTURE) Thermometer Filter (Will Do, However HIGHLY Recommend An...
  11. D34DLY

    West Midlands - Selling X1 Male Betta Fish

    Hi my fellow friends   Livestock: Siamese Fighter Fish MALE / Betta Fish MALE Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Upgrade to a 222 litre tank. Delivery or Collection: Collection ONLY. Sales price: FREE TO A GOOD HOME Postage & Packaging: FREE Collection Location: United...
  12. D34DLY

    West Midlands - Selling X6 Celestial Pearl Danios

    Hi my fellow friends :)   Livestock: Celestial Pearl Danios (Galaxy Rasboras) Quantity for sale: 6 Reason for Sale: Upgrade to a 222 litre tank. Delivery or Collection: Collection Available. (Enquire For Postage) Sales price: £3.00 Per Fish Postage & Packaging: FREE Collection /...