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  1. L

    Fishless Cycle on my first tank.

    I have just set up my first aquarium. Well i say first, i have a 10l that i had a couple zebra danios in for a month or so, i then found out about fishless cycling and returned them to my lfs. So for a few weeks the tank has been empty bar some snails that came in on plants. For the few weeks...
  2. N

    Help!!! Ammonia stuck at 2-4ppm

    Hi there, Im really puzzled with my first attempt at fishless cycling using ammonia. My two 5 gallons I successfully did a fish-in and had them cycled in about 3 weeks. Starting my new 10 gallon isn't going so well. Here's some helpful info on tank setup: First 2 days I had the tank filter...
  3. N

    New 10 gal--seeking cycle advice!

    Hi there! Please read the entire post to get necessary info to help you answer my questions! Thank you! I currently have 2 cycled 5 gallons housing one Betta and 3 ghost shrimp each. I successfully did a fish-in cycle in both (luckily) but with my second Betta the nitrite level stressed him...
  4. Angiemckgraye


    Can anyone help me please. Sorry if question has been asked before. I bought a new 105 litre tank on Sunday. I have sand as substrate (as want Cory fish once tank is cycled) NO FISH IN THE TANK. I rinsed sand until the water was clear. Added decorations which were also rinsed. However I added...
  5. R

    Seeding My Tank

    Can I seed my newly set up 700 ltr aquarium with media from my koi pond