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  1. I

    How much Seachem Stress guard is safe for a 3 gallon tank?

    Want to dose Seachem Stressguard for my fish possibly 1 mL but worried I will overdose. Don’t get mad at me I swear I can read directions I am just really bad at math.
  2. ellamay

    Seachem Ammonia & pH Alert

    I've just ordered my first tank (105l) and I've been researching everything for a few months, has anyone used the Seachem pH and Ammonia alerts?? I've seen really mixed reviews. I would obviously do actual water tests as well.
  3. Gemmsy

    Seachem Flourish Comprehensive vs Tropica Premium Nutrition

    Looking to introduce my first liquid fert to my tank and reviews mainly point me to these two. Main difference from outside is that for smaller tanks under 100 litres it is going to be easier with the Tropica brand due to the higher dose of a few pumps rather than measuring out a couple of ml...
  4. H

    Amateur Planted Tank

    Recently started my Tank, cycling is complete, all levels are good, pH is slightly high at 7.5, will be reducing it today to 7 to be safe. First planted tank and I have high hopes for what I want it to look like, so don't want to mess it up! Have now started adding plants, for the time being...
  5. E

    Sick guppies? They are slowly dying

    Hello fellow aquarium fans! I have a little issue with my guppies. My 6 corydoras are totally fine tough. Since day 1 3 months ago, my guppies are dying slowly. They reproduce, give birth and then die. The last survivor of the first batch is now slowly fading away. His kids are fine, except for...
  6. J

    Using Flourish In 10 Gallon Tank

    So I have a 10 gallon tank that is very lightly planted. I have small bunch of Java Fern on some driftwood, and some Anubias nana.NO special gravel,special lighting,CO2, or fertilizers YET. My tank has very low LED lights. But I've surprisingly gotten 4 or 5 new growth from the rhizomes and...
  7. Kabernick30

    Fluorish Question

    I recently purchased seachem fluorish for my newly planted tank and i am wondering how often and what % of the recommended dosage will allow my plants to thrive Also will activated carbon remove the nutrients added? NKP levels are good and im not running co2 but i have a moderately stocked...
  8. ech0o

    New To Fishkeeping, Out Here In Sunny Phoenix, Az!

    Hello everyone!!!!!  New to the forum, recently helped my girlfriends brother with some fishkeeping tasks, cleaning the tanks, learned a little about the process, and found myself quite intrigued.  I have never kept an aquarium before and found myself oddly gravitating towards the idea of...
  9. O

    Emergency! Betta: Despite My Very Best Of Intentions To Help These

    Dear members, What a stressful few days it has been in my house!!! I have no idea what happened, everything was going so well with my little adopted fish – even my known tail biter seemed okay and then everything took a turn for the worst. If you do not have time to read through all the...