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  1. E

    General Maintenance Tips For Genesis Union Dual Gauged Co2 Regulator

    Since some of my friends told me their CO2 regulator stops working after just few years or even few months. Here's some of my experience from my workshop people telling me that it's not the problem of the regulator but it's from the CO2 cylinder!!   Here under is a Genesis Union Dual Gauged CO2...
  2. R

    Turning Up Reg Pressure

    I want to turn my psi up on my regulator due to not enough pressure to push through my inline atomiser , I have the JBL reg and I think you can turn it up with Allen key but how instant is it as I've turned it a quarter turn and no difference or am I doing something wrong....
  3. SLIM

    Pressurized Co2, Equipment, Flow And Fertilization

    PLEASE NOTE: This thread was started in 2013. The links to eBay no longer exist and there are links to other websites which no longer exists. It may be possible to find the links using Wayback Machine https://archive.org/web/web.php Pressurized CO2, Equipment, Flow and Fertilization First...
  4. H


    Equipment make/model/size: JBL regulator Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: In use not needed soon. Delivery :Royal Mail Sales price:£40.00 Postage & Packaging:Included. Location: UK Photograph: Can be uploaded if allowed to edit the post This regulator is set at 1.5bar...its working...