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red crystal shrimp

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  1. cmhassinger

    New fry and injured shrimp

    so something happened to my little red crystal shrimp I think maybe his legs and antenna are broken. :( So I moved him to a net breeder because I didn’t want the other shrimp to try and pick on him. He is in another spot this morning so I guess he is still alive! Well this morning I have endler...
  2. TheBettaMan

    Indian Almond Leaf basic

    Hello guys, I used some IAL before for some of my betta jars. I didnt need to use any type of chemicals for the tap water. I just poured the water in the jars, placed some IAL in, left it for 24 hours and my bettas live happily. The thing I dont like about it is that they make the water turned...
  3. K

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I just got a new 5 gallon tank that I want to set up as a planted aquascape with either driftwood or stone. I was hoping to get some amano or ghost shrimp, however I wasn't sure what else to add to the tank. I know it's a small tank and therefore I have limited options. These are the various...
  4. K

    5 Gallon Too Small?

    I just got a new 5 gallon tank, I've yet to set it up but I'm planning on making it a planted aquarium. The planned set up is for some driftwood in the corner, carpeted baby tears (HC), a Ludwigia hybrid species and maybe some star moss. Mostly fluval stratum substrate and a portion of it sand...