1. I Like Rare Fish

    Rare Fish's Rare Fish Profiles ~ All of my fish profiles/articles and more ~

    *note for mods. Nobody is allowed to post on the fish forums wiki page, only the subcategories. If you could move this to that page that would be great :)* Hello everyone, I am Rare Fish. I know, my name is corny, but in my defense...well...I don't like it either! I have made a few fish...
  2. mmarx339

    New fishy, congo spotted puffer

    New fishy, spotted congo puffer in the 55
  3. E

    Silver flying fox

    I purchased a silver flying fox from my Lfs, but they usually do not keep them in stock, and it was the only one left. I have foun very little information on them, mainly only feeding habits and tank size. I keep him in my tank with a few red eye tetras, and he always seems to follow them at the...
  4. PaulJohnSmith

    What Will My Fry Look Like And How Would You Manage Them?

    Hi all, I have a pair of big ear red tail guppies, see link for picture, which I hoped to breed and have more beautiful guppies like them. The female became ready to give birth and I assume that due to them being the only pair in my tank the male harrassed the female and he/she ate most of the...
  5. J

    Is This Oscar Rare?

    Is this Oscar rare and how much is it worth?
  6. D

    Snow White Platy

    Hi, New to this forum but I had a question. I have had this platy for a while, she is solid white and is now pregnant by a calico Mickey Mouse platy (don't know if that's the name, just what it looks like to me). But I was wondering how rare she is? I've never seen a solid white one and when I...