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  1. Falconwithaboxon

    Green Spotted Puffer

    Okay, so I have an empty 30-gallon tank I'm setting up or selling so I was looking at fish for it. I came across the Green Spotted Puffer as an option. I did some reading and they seem like awful fish to keep. They don't get as big as other puffers yet are still extremely aggressive. Tankmates...
  2. fishyfun&fans

    not treating fish like any other pets! - added pass the 🐠🐟 at the bottom for fun

    Im annoyed with the lack of general care for some of these Fish I’m seeing from some Members/Guests on this Forum. Fish are like any other animal in our Care-Here is why take Dogs for instance if you fed a dog every single day the same food it would eventually turn it down or not be as happy...
  3. Circus

    Snowed In Today...

    I know a lot of people probably get a heckin lot more snow than me, but this sucks. Where I live (Western Wa, United States) we don't get snow very often. When we do it isn't usually a problem because it is just a fraction of an inch or it is gone by the next day. It will snow continuously for...