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  1. OnlyBear

    Zebra danios scaring all the other fish

    I am a new member to this forum and I would like to ask for your guy's help. have a 9.5 gallon tank in which I have 1 neon tetra, 3 glowlight tetras,1 black neon tetra and 2 zebra danios and 1 dwarf frog. I know the numbers aren't the best but hear me out. I use to have a tank where it was...
  2. B


    My fish keep dying randomly I have been doing this along time and never had this problem. Some fish show signs like just sitting in one place and others hide. Some of them are fine and the next day dead. I have a lot of plants not a lot of dead leaves I have tested the water though it is not...
  3. Brendt

    PROBLEMS!! Please help!!

    Hi Guys relatively new to all of this posting in forums and fish tanks. FOREWARNING IM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG READ but here it goes So if I’m not posting this right please let me know where I can and how to post it elsewhere. Now I’ve dabbled in fish tanks before growing up but by no means would...
  4. AnnAlfie

    How to stop other fish eating catfish food

    After years of keeping fish I have successfully come up with a solution to stop tank mates of catfish eating all the catfish food before the catfish get a chance to eat it themselves. I have a community tank with some aggressive eaters such as Angel fish and barbs. I had to come up with a...
  5. P

    Thoughts on an Aquarium for my university final year design project

    Hi I'm at Huddersfield Uni studying Product Design and for my final project I am researching into tropical aquariums. I have had experience with a variety of small, tropical fish but wanted the thoughts of you lovely folk to help identify the niggly things you find difficult or frustrating about...
  6. D

    Common Problem During Fishless Cycle

    So I am currently on day 26 of my fishless cycle and like many people, I am stalled for no apparent reason. By day 6 I was already experiencing a drop in Ammonia, my levels where dropping 1ppm over 24 hours and I had Nitrites showing up as well. This lasted for 3 days then suddenly just stopped...
  7. B

    Algae Problem And Slightly Cloudy Water

    I have been having some problems in my 240 gallon tank with algae issues. the tank is situated near a window, adding indirect light which may be a problem but it is almost always covered with a curtain. We do partial water change once every two weeks and change carbon on a steady basis, as well...