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  1. B

    How do I make this more aesthetically pleasing?

    Hello, I have just reaquascaped my 29g freshwater tank. I want to make it look a little better. Any ideas on how to improve the aesthetic? Thanks
  2. Waterfins

    Dragon and Pheonix

    Just pictures of my two betta fish: http://sta.sh/06pi0ay8pa5 http://sta.sh/013qc7ve5a2n
  3. B

    Buying A Betta

    Hey everyone! So I want to but my first betta fish soon. I want to put him in our main tank, but because I had a recent camalanus worm attack I am very hesitant. When I decide to buy him I do have a small tank that I used for guppy fry that I can use before hand.    First: does anyone know how...
  4. K

    New Guppies!

    I've just got four guppies for my cycled tank, it's 75 litres and has plastic plants and lots of hiding places. I will be feeding them on Tertamin tropical fish flakes. They have even bought from a fish specialist shop. Apart from them being beautiful is there anything I should look out for...
  5. StellaThePlaty

    Pretty Fish For 10 Gallon Tank

    I have a new 10 gallon tank, and i want some different fish from my usual tetras and guppies. any suggestions?
  6. KruseZoo

    Unknown Betta?

    I have have my beautiful betta, Zoey, for a while now, I just came to realize that I dont know what kind she is! She has very long fins for a female. We got her from a LFS who know what they are talking about. She was in a tank with mollies, platys, guppies, and a few other females. We bought...