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  1. Anonymous Fox

    Poll- Are plecos cute, ugly-cute, ugly, or meh?

    Are plecos cute, ugly-cute, ugly, or meh? there ugly-cute, imo
  2. MagicGirl33

    Tetra for my Aquarium

    I also want at least 2 different schools of tetras in my aquarium. Please vote!
  3. MagicGirl33

    What Loach Should I get for my Tank?

    I really want a loach too! Keep in mind I organised these polls to fit almost all the other fish I want to get so the water parameters are taken care of. also please pick 2 because loaches are one of my favourite types of fish!
  4. MagicGirl33

    What pleco is the best?

    I'm looking for a pleco to go in my 240 gallon fish tank. Preferably a big one that can live without others but I put a couple of small ones there anyway. Please vote and I'll release the results in a month. Please vote for my other fish too!
  5. O

    What Should I Get In My Fluval Chi?

    I Just cleaned out my 6 gallon fluval chi, and I need suggestions for plants! I have 2 mystery fish andI'm getting 2 adf's! (african dwarf frogs) I need suggestions for the tank and also help with syncing a new light switch! HELP    (i will try and post a picture of the mystery fish so u guys...
  6. TallTree01

    What's Your Fav Pic? ( Poll )

    some other members and me wanted to do a poll to decide my new profile pic. These are the best I could find. If you can find better feel free to add! :) Just realized the links didn't work. You'll have to copy and paste the links into the largish bar above your tabs. Edit: decided to make this...