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  1. ukdamon

    Personal Website

    As a lover of fish keeping and photography, I love taking photos of my fish, shrimp and frogs. So as a bit of fun, I have created my own website called 'Soggy Friends'. The site is still fairly new and I still need to do some work on it, but I thought i'd share it with you.
  2. RCA

    Does Anyone Know How To Get Rid Of A Reflection?

    I have a good image of one of my new Bettas but I would like to get rid of the reflection, is this possible and if so, how please?   This is the image in question   This is the topic about him "Well what would you have done..."   Of course, I hope to get a similar image in the future without a...
  3. RCA

    Betta Girls, They Can Be As Stunning As The Boys

    Well sorry all of you, I was hoping my 11 y/o nephew was going to be in the mood to wash gravel with me today for my Juwel Vision Project.  Instead however he saw my tripod near the main tank in the bedroom and took some lovely shots of the Betta Girls that I thought I would share with you all...