peppered cory

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  1. Casper23


    Hi everyone! My name is Cassi, I am a stay at home mom and I am fairly new to this hobby, having only started this a few months ago. I did do LOTS of research before diving into this hobby and I’m still learning which I love! I have a current set up of a 29 gallon Topfin tank. HOB filter and...
  2. CozyCat

    Is my cory sick?

    Hi, new fish keeper here. I have a group of six peppered cories in a 12 gal planted aquarium with some guppy fry. Had three to begin with and recently added another three to the group. One of the new ones has a bent spine and is behaving a bit odd. He is very inactive, but can swim ok when he...
  3. L

    Will my Corys be happy? HELP A NOOB

    I am new to the hobby and I was told my Corys will be happy as long as I get at least 4. I asked if they need to be the same species and I was told that they don’t, so I got two Julli and two Peppered Corys. BUT I have been reading that they will not technically school together. They seem to be...
  4. HoldenOn

    Cory banging itself

    Hey all, One of my cories is like hitting its body against a rock. What does this mean?
  5. I

    Sick Corydora

    I have some clown loaches, african dwarf frogs, a pleco, and three emerald corys, two peppered corys, and a panda cory with some mid to upper level fish in a 55 gallon (yes, I know clowns and corys shouldn't be housed together and yes, I know they need to be in groups of six and yes, I know that...
  6. I

    Will salt & pepper and peppered Corys school together?

    So I currently have two peppered Corys and two panda corys. Naturally I need more, as everyone on here is so adamant to remind me that I really need 6 of each. My LFS doesn’t have any peppered corys but they do have salt & pepper corys and I was wondering if they schooled together because they...
  7. A

    Floating Cory

    Halppp So ph:7.4 GH; soft Temp 74 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0-1 None of my parameters have changed since having this little peppered Cory for 4 months. He's done great. 2 recent changes to tank: -weekly addition of seachem flourish (about a month) -addition of 2 more corys (wrong ones that...
  8. S

    Floating Peppered Cory

    This is one of my peppered cory's he as about double the size as his pair. He spends most of daylight at the surface of the tank like this, however usually against the glass, and hidden further in the plants. He seems to be in a sleep state when i find him like this, and will not move what so...
  9. nofishinginmytank

    What Cory Is This?

    About 6 months ago I bought 2 corydoras unfortunately one died. I have always assumed that he is a peppered cory but I was never sure, my uncle who is the manager of my local fish shop just called him a cory. But now I have heard of salt and pepper cories and have seen lots of pictures of them I...
  10. FurFinFeathers

    Grieving Cory?

    My peppered corydora recently lost his best buddy  It seems like he's grieving, they were very very close. He won't eat much and generally stays to one corner, but he seems very healthy. I plan to get another cory to keep him company, but is there anything else I can do to make him feel better?
  11. S

    White Spot Treatment Uk, Pentazona Barbs (w/ Dwarf Gourami, Peppered C

    All 5 of my pentazona barbs are displaying classic ICH symptoms, I didn't quarantine them because my Quaratine tank has two guppies with ragged tails in. My mistake. The guppy's will be returned to their tank on Thursday so I can isolate tank mates in the scaleless cories need a different...
  12. Questions?

    Green Scales

    is it ok if my peppered cory has some greenish turquoise scales? it is all along the sides, sorry but i don't have any pictures