peacock eel

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    Peacock Eel questions about diet and behavior

    I have somewhat recently got my self a peacock eel. From day one he has been very active and very willing to eat right out of my fingers. Since I've gotten him I've been feeding him thawed frozen bloodworms. My question is how much should I feed him, and should I feed him anything else besides...
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    Cichlids with Bottom Feeders

    Hello! Currently I'm trying to build a cichlid tank. Right now I have a convict, a kenyi, and two bolivian rams together, but I will be moving the rams into a different tank tomorrow because the Kenyi has been bullying them. But that's not what I wanted to discuss. I plan on adding a few more...
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    Problems Finding Peacock Eels?

    Hi all, name's Raven8 and I just signed up... but I signed up with a specific purpose.   A while back, my 8 year old Peacock eel passed away due to a fluke accident. My family and I loved the little guy, and wanted to get a few more to stay with the one that he left behind. However, over the...
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    Peacock Eel

    I Have a 45 gallon tank with 2 internal filters and a heater (not under gravel). I have two black Mollies that are going to go in the tank. I want to get a Peacock eel but I want to know a few things fist. My mollies are about 1 month old and about 2" long, by the time the eel is full grown will...