panda cory

  1. L

    Two pandas with swim bladder issues

    I was just sitting by my tank and noticed one of my panda cories seemed to be slowly floating towards the top of the tank. Watched him for a bit and while he could get to the bottom, he would start listing slowly to one side once he got there. I decided to catch him out, while I was watching I...
  2. Fishies1996!

    Panda Cory’s Q?

    Hello All, I am very new to the fish world, so far it has been going pretty well, however, I never knew how much you needed to know and all the problems that can occur. We have had the fish tank around 6 weeks and have gradually added (in order) Ember Tetras, Honey Gourami, Panda Cory, Kuhli...
  3. Eardz

    Panda Corydoras Eggs

    Hi all, I found a few eggs from my panda Corydoras, I’ve never seen them breed and this is the first time I have seen eggs. Should I do anything special? I have just separated them within the tank for now. I’d love to see them hatch and grow to be strong fry and eventually adult fish to join...
  4. M

    Loner Panda

    Hi I have a question about a loner or lonely panda Cory. I originally had three pandas and three leopard Corys. The pandas and the leopards don’t interact at all ( in fact the leopards are highly disappointing as I never see them!?) Two of the pandas paired up and created a baby (I called her...
  5. Linkandnavi

    Panda Corydoras and a Carpeted Substrate

    Morning all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of keeping panda corydoras with a carpeted substrate (dwarf hairgrass)? In particular, whether they are likely to uproot the carpet? Thanks
  6. I

    Will salt & pepper and peppered Corys school together?

    So I currently have two peppered Corys and two panda corys. Naturally I need more, as everyone on here is so adamant to remind me that I really need 6 of each. My LFS doesn’t have any peppered corys but they do have salt & pepper corys and I was wondering if they schooled together because they...
  7. M

    Cories for my 20 gallon

    Hello! I have a 20 gallon heavily planted aquarium with 4 dwarf frogs, 2 male guppies, 1 male betta, 2 amano shrimp, and 3 nerite snails. I don't have the water all the way to the top so the frogs don't have to swim so high to get air so it's more like a 17 gallon lol. I have been looking high...
  8. T

    Panda Cory "Nostril" Question

    Hey Everyone! This is my first post on here and I have a question about one of my Panda Cory's faces. It looks like he has a piece of white sand or something stuck in each of his (what I'm going to call) Nostrils. He seems to be breathing fine and was searching for food as cories do as normal...
  9. dhartIndy

    Three Hard Lessons

    Learned three new lessons the hard way today as I was doing a water change and noticed one of my baby panda cory fry wiggling in the mouth of my glass shrimp Ghostface Killa: 1. Glass shrimp will eat baby cory panda fry 2. A blast from a turkey baster trumps a hungry glass shrimp 3. Tightly...
  10. dhartIndy

    Help! Panda Cory Pale - Normal When Spawning?

    So I just did a water change (about 10% every 4th day) and like clockwork I noticed my two adults have spawned again. Left a clutch of about 6 eggs and still at it. I noticed they have both gotten pale since yesterday. The male more than the female. Has anyone ever noticed or come across...
  11. dhartIndy


    Huey, baby Waldo and riley! 10 siblings waiting to join waldo! Flame moss with panda eggs
  12. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Journey V2

    Hey all,  Restarting the journal for my community tank as the pictures were absolutely useless lol   As this is my first planted tank, and really first community tank, all advice/criticism/feedback is strongly desired!   Here is the first pic, day 1. (This was about 3 weeks ago)     Needless...
  13. M

    How Many Panda Corys?

    Hi, I have a recently cycled ten gallon tank (moderately planted) whose current inhabitants are three panda corys. Sometimes they hang out together and sometimes they don't. Would anyone recommend adding a fourth, or should I leave it at three? Bear in mind I'm probably also going to add a betta...
  14. eaglesaquarium

    Lost A Panda Cory Today...

    So, I'm feeling a bit down today.  I lost a panda cory today - actually I must have lost him a day or two ago..  I found him floating this morning, with a bit of a fungus on him.  Water stats are perfect (NH3: 0ppm, NO2: 0ppm NO3: 40ppm - it was water change day anyway, and pH 6.2, which is all...