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  1. Ingrid

    Cleaning ornaments

    How should one clean ornaments in a fish tank ?
  2. TheRainbowRoseExperience

    Three months in.

    Hello to all reading this thread, I am a novice to both forum posting and aquariums. I did look after a fish tank for a short time 20 years ago but that was pretty simple, feeding & maintenance. Wanting a pair of Betta fish for his birthday this year, we went to our local aquarium supplier...
  3. goldenclaw

    New here

    Hello I am new here and looking forward to sharing my experiences and also look for aid in the future Tropical tank one 36 Bow Front 1.Blue Gourami 1. Gold Gourami 1 Red tail shark 1 Gold Severum 4 Giant danio 2. Two Algae eaters that seem to hide or got eaten lol ( I do see one from time...
  4. R

    Recycling A Soil Pipe

    Hi, I've got a old used soil pipe, it's fairly clean, I'm just asking if its possible to use inside my fish tank as it would make a great home for my pleco's, if it is possible what would I have to do to make sure it isn't harmful to my fish? Thanks in advance