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  1. L

    Orange ancistrus is suddenly much darker

    I have an orange ancistrus for a month now, and she (I think) was always bright lively orange, but today I noticed that she's much darker and duller in color. The water parameters are all good, as is the temperature and she has been growing steadily as well- the only thing I found odd about her...
  2. Falconwithaboxon

    Little Guy

    My tank has 4 orange(forget actual name lol) platies in it and one of them is much smaller than the rest, looking like he hadn't grown since I got him in August. The other platies would bully food away from him and I always felt bad for him. In the last week though, he has started to be super...
  3. B

    Has my API GH test kit gone wonky - no change from orange to green?

    I got an aquarium (2nd hand) in very good shape from a friend (nearly new; his kids lost interest) and with a multitude of API test kits. I've set up my tank with Seiryu stones and driftwood, volcanic Malang sand substrate (all cleaned properly, boiled the driftwood etc.), and added some live...
  4. james_fish

    FOR SALE - Group of 15 Adult Hyphessobrycon 'Bolivia Orange' Lemon Tetra - Wigan

    Hi all, please see below my livestock for sale; Livestock: 15 x Hyphessobrycon 'Bolivia Orange' Quantity for sale: 15 adult fish 1.5" - 2.0" Reason for Sale: To free space up to try a new species Delivery or Collection: Collection from Wigan or I will deliver personally within 20 miles Sales...
  5. driger8642

    Name These Fishes :d

    Got them from Petco, was disappointed that they didnt have my corys :( So my son decided on getting these, the worker said they will fit nicely in the tank and so far they have been peaceful but I totally forgot to get their names.... can someone give me a name for them??   1st fish...     2nd...
  6. driger8642

    Help With My Fish Tank!

    Hi all, my name is Sammy, I'm from New York. This is my first post there so I really hope that I'm in the right place, if not can I request a moderator to move this thread to the right section? Thanks   Anyways, I just started my hobby of having fishes as pets. So before getting them I did a...
  7. I

    Is This Helleri Pregnant?

    Hello,   I am wondering if this helleri is pregnant. What is your opinion?  
  8. davidjp1982

    My New Pair Of Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange Flash Juveniles

    Just picked this pair up this week male looks a bit thin and pale and wouldn't eat for a few days but have slowly got him to accept bloodworm and now BBS so hope to get him into condition soon :)  
  9. fishychick77

    White And Orange Lobster Cross Breed Journal :d

    sooo this is day one for cross breeding my white and orange lobsters :D they might be a bit small but they will be lovers soon i was told that i could cross breed the colours so we will see how the babies turn out :) sooo excited